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by Fake Feelings Institute | Audio Letter

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tracks 1 - 9 by Fake Feeling Institute
tracks 10 - 16 by Audio Letter

Fake Feeling Institute is the result of a Collaboration Tape begun in 1985 by Rick Hazle in San Francisco and Audio Leter in New York. The procedure was to have both Rick and myself start various tracks, then send the masters back to each other through the mail for overdubbing. The masters were recorded on TEAC TASCAM 244 4-track cassette decks.

Cityzen For Non-Linear Futures Tape Release Anti-Copyright 1987 NYC
These songs began with the first track improvisations layered with overdubs.

Special thanks to Carl Howard for type-setting.


released May 5, 1987

Thanks to noise-arch.net for digitizing these audio files and scanning the cassette booklet.


this website is a collection of underground / independantly released cassette tapes from the days when the audio cassette was the standard method of music sharing, generally the mid eighties through early nineties.



all rights reserved


Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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Track Name: About The Culture Of Sleep

L-Dopa Tryptophane serotonin to eat
Rise-up its in the clock Rise-up
Shaking Parkinsons dis-ease the sense
of sin-nil-ity
This is what your fascination
the color of the needs of your dreams
Society in the guise of YOU
Them and me
the uncoerced desires can we but see
The construction at its source
can its existence even be
where is the construction of activity
The structure of phenala-la-nine
arginine and with the fine powder or ornithine
T-cells from the thalamus between in front and around the heart
the serpent ascending coiled at the sacrum up
And up around and through my vision caught as a net the heavenly hue
three mountain goats introduced to me to breathing this way and the other they were said to be
Neither Nor the quest but the cup itself
wrought from Kindness enchanted by the possibility of staying late
For it is that time matters little when you are late
And it is 3 things not one
But as they spoke with tongues of frame not flame
they told the names whilst sitting on the abyss
Their name was Doe and their name as A
Oh tell me please and I asked the way
Up and Up and around and through again and again In-DEED A-GAIN
taking upon atomic weight becoming so dense transparency arrives
Simply in its chemical complexities
there are atoms of air in your lungs that were once in in the lings of every one who has ever lived (and is living now)
we are breathing each other
The will is alive only as well as consciousness is chemical
Be the chemistry
Feed the head
Nurtured on the cristo the oil of its oracle
the tongue is a natural extension
and is divided with the snake coiled
but by now traveling up re-gaining its oil golden
The endocrine system the holographic circuit system
fed on light starlight and of its sight
And look over there Can you but see
the deftly stepping autolytic enzymes
phagocetic cells of entropy
harboring their cyanide pills
Usually to be released, what a pity unconsciously, which means without the activity of to-gethering
An now on the culture of sleep

Jan. 1985
Sharon Gannon
Track Name: And Re-Member

Hence forth wither did they come
Will be seen in where they go
For all that we see at a time
Was once without show
And as above same again below
But with quite varied weight
The needle the cone it is we
Who can call it these
Beckons in blazing silver light
A met desire which is only death
But life also and thus the oscillation
To beget limited
The cone being spiral as it suggests
All with the laws of things
They seem only as they are
And cannot have come from and other ring
Pass not from here or any other
Place without the movement
And remember that as you are
So you are until you are not
Yes and no being with you too
Where they merge only you can know
For to travel with their communion
Is your sunset school
The intermediary between the lines
Of time ans the tongues of space
Is all that can ever be talking about
Here where talking rules the course
And as you do so everyone else does
Remembering the drawing light
Which was the key the pass ans surest
Cumulation of desire of need
Need set in motion must by its very design
Propel itself to eat its tail
Desire issues necessity
Necessity demands mortality

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: Dogon

Africa near Egypt Timbuktu
fish like ones
the serious few came into
the atmospheric oceans with blood letters, messages

we came to here before the air
the letter that we have chosen
to begin the alphabet is A and it
is for the AIR, the ether and its
face is that of the sacrifice to
begin the beginning
into the air released from weight through fire

we are also younger than the star
each and ever every one both was one
as we sailed in to the mystic

And now we've gone
into it

two snakes intertwine and speak
forever the weight of form

the rocket ships are in our own minds

the rhythm is the spine

where DNA lies curled in lines

DAN converses with the Central Nervous System

and the snakes play
and the dogs howl
at the moon

And then the floods came as the atmosphere
loosened from the sky and fell to earth

All the gems, then, of heavy metals were
taken from the center of the planet
and placed
on the top of it

And as a by-product of action
the past is
brought back with us ans built upon again
gaining a fraction more in its becoming

Into transparent layers of the no-time longer
pass the ring-fashion among the none


Sharon Gannon