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Started recording in London in 2012. Adding vocal over dubs from Seattle through 2014.


released July 23, 2014

- Produced by Alexander Deacon
- Lyrics and vocals by Sue Ann Harkey
- Lyrics for tracks 5 and 6 are from 'The Shingle Dance', a drama by Ian Miller © 2010
- Cover art by Ian Miller



all rights reserved


Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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Track Name: Haiku song
Haiku song

Well how should I know
This is how families work
Like an insider does

Each day's headlines bring
From the unbearable grief
I run away inside

Shall I live that long
I am growing into them
Always old my hands
Track Name: Daytime people
Daytime People

Daytime people are very different
Mums with prams
Unemployed men
Housewives on benefits
People walking their dogs
Job seekers
Builders in white vans
Old ladies with shopping trollies, lots of them
Domestic workers
Carers and their charges
Rick mans wives

A rich mans wife is beautiful
Biological clock ticking
A model or MBA

A rich mans wife is rich herself
Has her own money
Bread and primed for this

A rich mans wife has good taste
Not use to hearing 'no'

A rich mans wife has servants


Gets her own way

A rich mans wife may not be in love
Has hobbies she’s good at
With prestige
Well traveled
A rich mans wife
Track Name: In still air like this
In Still Air Like This

In Still Air Like This
You can see the mountain from here

In Still Air Like This
Demolished buildings stand near

In Still Air Like This
Dormant goes the grass

In Still Air Like This
To the sound of broken glass

In Still Air Like This
The spiders grow fat

In Still Air Like This
At dusk the swooping bat

In Still Air Like This
Scents build from their source

In Still Air Like This
Vines stake out their course

In Still Air Like This
Cranes pierce the sky

In Still Air Like This
Let sleeping dogs lie
Track Name: Slow train to Brighton
The slow train to Brighton

Black pool ditches along the tracks
Dimpled ponds gather in clay pastures

Tan among old red brick arches
Back garden’s long salient additions

Grit bins rusty pad lock
CCTV attached to each lamppost platform

Magpie on Magpie scuffles
When in odd numbers

Leaves turning or already past

Silhouetted crow crowned oaks
Against a gossamer sky

Chocked ivy trunks

Poke-o-dot nests

Hedgerows line the contours green plaid

Speeding along backwards
Its grace gives way
Track Name: Voices from the Reef
Calling the Rope Woman

There is no place beyond the reef.
No place beyond this ridge of grief.
No man to hold your corded hand,
Or lay with you upon the sand,
Come back, come back,
Where you belong.
We wove you raw from rope and spume,
We shaped you on the wreckers loom,
Come back, come back,
Where you belong.
What chance is there?
What chance for you?
Forlorn hopes,
Unravelled dreams,
Is all there is beyond the sea.
Come back, come back,
Where you belong.
Wreckers child,
Sirens count,
Woven list,
Deaths account.
Tapestry of abject grief,
Of men and ships lost on the reef.
A shapely list of mischief done,
A hanging rope for Adam's son,
Come back, come back,
Where you belong.

(The shingle dance Ian Miller © 2010 all rights reserved)
Track Name: Calling the Rope Woman
We are waiting. 
Waiting for you.
Here in the shade by the Orchard wall.
Soft grasses,
Legs parted, 
We are waiting
Just for you.
Lips Sweetened, with  honey, thyme and dew. 
Here in the shade by the Orchard wall
In the velvet quiet of fathoms deep,
We’ll offer you  our soft white breasts.
Appease the yearning in your chest.
Here in the shade of the Orchard wall,
Soft grasses,
Legs parted,
Waiting for you.
Throw over the tiller bar, let go the wheel.
Give no thought to the scrapping keel.
Please understand our desperate haste. 
To have you tight in our embrace.
The reef is but the Orchard wall,
No obstacle ,
To one so brave,
We are waiting.
Waiting for you

(The shingle dance Ian Miller © 2010 all rights reserved)
Track Name: Life is Small
Life is Small

With the trees comes the birds

With the birds comes the insects

With the insects comes the soil

With the soil comes the microbes

With the microbes comes life

With life comes love

With life comes death

With death comes nothing

With nothing comes something

With something comes singularity

Life is small

Life is infinite

What animates these cells?

What animates this universe?

Life - Love - Death