The Ancient Past And The Ancient Future Are Both Seconds Away

by .Sue Ann Harkey.

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Recorded at Harold Dassau Studio NYC
from May through December 1988.
Engineered by Drew Vogelman, Joe Johnson and Chris Cunningham.
Mixed by Chris Cunningham.
Produced by Sue Ann Harkey.
Released by Cityzens For Non-Linear Futures on vinyl and cassette.
Direct Metal Mastering at Europadisc NYC Autumn 1989.
Cover art: Sue Ann Harkey

Dedicated to the memory of Larry Law and Spectacular Times.

Love and gratitude goes to Peter Mumford, Steve Jones, Fish, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Jim Fleming. My greatest respect goes to the entire cassette networking culture for thriving in, and for creating a conducive environment in which many of these songs first appeared.


released May 5, 1988



all rights reserved


Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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Track Name: It's Not About Them, It's About Us
It's Not About Them, It's About Us

It's not about them, it's about us
I'm the one touching
And the one being touched
What comfort comes from
A common enemy
Its been the easy way out for too long

I have no pride
I have no shame
I have no guilt
Not hiding behind blame

It's not about them, it's about us
We are them and they are us

My thoughts have been forming as words
Silently on my lips
Details turn into generalities
Righteousness stays nice and clean
Polished by blame
Hope is replaced by disappointment
Disappointment into acceptance
nations of the dissatisfied

Rage scares me because of its effectiveness
The potential harm with or without intent
By resorting to their own methods
To achieve our objectives of peace
We enslave ourselves to the rifle forever
In defense we forsake our cause

Fascism is in every 'ISM'
Every person in every nation
Pessimism is in optimism
Truth is found in sarcasm

Hypocrisy is not unrecognizable
But it goes unrecognized
Subjectively objectified
Simple in its complexity

The end of violence
It stops at the beginning
Before it gets started
We become like them otherwise
Get them to lay down their guns
It's not up to us to pick them up

Fascism is in every 'ISM'
Every person in every nation
Pessimism is in optimism
Truth is found in sarcasm

It's not about them, it's about us
We are them and they are us

Jan. 1986
Track Name: Kinetic Harmony
Kinetic Harmony

Exploring conversations composed of light
With sight we see the presence of empathy
Through our eyes we sink
The pupils calibrate
Telepathic phrases expressing the experience
In sharing of another being

The profoundness of the statement
Came at me from an arch

I tell you everything
Just not out loud

We hear our breath in music and words
We feel our sincerity where we meet as one
We smell the taste of response with participation
We see our beings converge
Our eyes conceive of our love

You and I do Exist before we met
You and I are existing since we met
Conditional conditions
Contrive our
Into the revolution

You ask:
What do you want from me?
What is it that you want from me?

I want kinetic harmony

Time now passes easily

Jan. 1984
Track Name: There's No Such Thing As The Masses
There's No Such Thing As Then Masses

Will they blame you
Will they blame you for
For their life
Blame them for their lives

Or will we blame them
For our death
And distraction of this planet

There will be no change
There will be no BIG change
No revolution
No resurrection
There is only the slow steady pace
Of this planet in motion

If there were no wars
If there were no boundaries
Do you think that moralities would
Become like nations?

There's no such thing as the masses
The military is a class of its own
Death is for the living
"History is a recent invention"

I feel like I am in the midst of a very slow dawn
The shadows show themselves gradually, timidly

You can't use violence against violent society
Because they are prepared for it
Because they are better at it
Because they are the ones who built the arsenal
I'm not fighting for their arsenal
One-by-one we unite as pacifists
Leaving no one for their armies
Leaving no one for their factories

Only if they would destroy it themselves
Only if they will destroy it themselves

I feel like I have just let go of a balloon
And am watching it be pulled up into the sky

The means and the end in pacifism
"Passivity does not mean non-action
It's abstaining from activity contrary to nature"

Governments are doing nothing more than
Practicing their own personal politics

July 1987

(Quotes from Paul Hoskin and Marilyn French, Beyond Power)
Track Name: The Homless
The Homeless

Ingenious exercise indeed
With these my words to meet
The need of an inconsolable breed

Children of the future
Used to roam across the continent
How could we come
To take this little present as our home?

We who will not sleep and be possessed
By dreams in which this time of change, this mess, is stabilized
How could we be at rest?

We conserve nothing
Nor would we restore past circumstance.
Liberals we are not
Nor is what's know as progress what we labour for.

We have heard unmoved the insistent cry of the market
Heard the high and plangent siren voices sigh

For their future
Signing of how free those who plunge and drown
Will be their unreachable society

We do not set ourselves to work
For the realm of righteousness and peace on earth
For we know what mediocrity is worth

We rejoice in those who relish danger as we do
Who court conflict and adventure
And will not compromise or be captured

We ponder often on the need for change
But with a conqueror's consciousness
Those who raise and strengthen 'Man'
Create new kinds of slaves

And no concern of ours
All they display is sick men's need
To cover up decay
Wear them as virtues though they may

No we are not lovers of mankind
Nor are we through indifferent or blind
To the blackness of the nationalist mind

Foul passions to be pure
Hate for the race of others
The heart itch, the set face twitching
The insular disgrace

Ourselves the pain of rage at this
The present form of politics
Which breeds both vanity and barrenness

Walls of distrust prop up the petty state
Where space is made by mutual, moral hate
It stokes its roots, withdrawn, inviolate

Too various, too adulterate to claim membership
Of the class of modern men

Though we set our minds against theirs
We shall not forget

(Words for The Homeless are excerpts from 'We Homeless Ones' bookV of Joyful Wisdom by F. Neitzsche; translated in Art and Language V: 1 10-82')