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Stand Looking Around You

by .SueAnn Harkey

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Stand Looking Around You (3/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12-string guitar, vocals (Words are from the Sun Dance of the Plains Indians)
3am 03:39
3am (11/86) (A Film Score) Sue Ann Harkey - Zither, Bowed 12-string guitar, Cut-Up Tape (Jungle sounds recorded in Tikal, Guatemala and El Cacao, Nicaragua by Robert Hinrix)
Expansionism 04:54
Expansionism (4/86 & 9/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Toy Piano Insides, Chinese String Drum, 25¢ Sitar, Various percussion and whistles
Thousands Of Years And Thousands Of Miles (6/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Mandolin, words and vocals Cinnie Cole - Banjo and Bass (Banjo and Mandolin were recording live as an improvisation) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thousands Of Years And Thousands Of Miles The smell of campfire lingers on my Huipil I see the dripping weight pounded against the stone The river mud reaches this city from my back It can rot the weave The green and brown of the natural world The florescent cultures bounce from their spectra Woven into images They tell a story A tune of the people A passage of ancient time Those primitive complexities Allow time to know the abstractions The comprehensions of the natural world Once the time to see the stars To study the connections To know the earth as life We as modern beings Have lost that By knowing Everything but it The instincts of a wild world Challenged our own Unfortunately we won This cat of mine is my Milkyway This city is my canyon This subway my river This job is my harvest These Con-Ed bills are my seasons This TV is my moon This alarm clock my sun The hard times in the midst of nature When she determined us When we read her rather than wrote her Those times with time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Wood & Steel (8/85) Sue Ann Harkey - Steel Drum and Gato Drum
Industrialization (8/85 & 4/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Steel Drum, Balafon, Toy Drums, Bells Paul Hoskin - Contrabass and Soprano Clarinets
We Can't Expect A Government To Say To Children Something Like This… Sue Ann Harkey - Piano and Cut-Up Tape (Monologue by Doris Lessing
There Is No Such Thing As The Masses Sue Ann Harkey - Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, words and vocals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There's No Such Thing As Then Masses Will they blame you Will they blame you for For their life Blame them for their lives Or will we blame them For our death And distraction of this planet There will be no change There will be no BIG change No revolution No resurrection There is only the slow steady pace Of this planet in motion If there were no wars If there were no boundaries Do you think that moralities would Become like nations? There's no such thing as the masses The military is a class of its own Death is for the living "History is a recent invention" I feel like I am in the midst of a very slow dawn The shadows show themselves gradually, timidly You can't use violence against a violent society Because they are prepared for it Because they are better at it Because they are the ones who built the arsenal I'm not fighting for their arsenal One-by-one we unite as pacifists Leaving no one for their armies Leaving no one for their factories peaselovelifepeacelovelifepeacelovelife Only if they would destroy it themselves peaselovelifepeacelovelifepeacelovelife Only if they will destroy it themselves I feel like I have just let go of a balloon And am watching it be pulled up into the sky The means is the end in pacifism "Passivity does not mean non-action It's abstaining from activity contrary to nature" Governments are doing nothing more than Practicing their own personal politics July 1987 (Quotes from Paul Hoskin and Marilyn French, Beyond Power) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Las Madres Del Plaza De Mayo (1/85 & 10/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Three Zither Tracks, Cut-Up Tape (Monologue by John Stockwell)
The Greenhouse Effect (6/85) Sue Ann Harkey - 25¢ Sitar, Prepared 12-string guitar, Balafon, various Percussion and Whistles, Cut-Up Tape
Prepared 12-String Guitar Solo Improvisation (11/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12-String Guitar
So Long 04:33
So Long Sue Ann Harkey - Words and Vocals, Ambience Recording ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So Long I could imagine what the rest of his body might look like From glancing at his wrists Which he adorned with strands of black leather That together formed a wide band around the slender neck of his arm Like a paisley design, his muscles widened from there And disappeared under the sleeve of his many shirts The skin was so white… Contrasted by the individual black hairs Which lay in a very intentional direction Just like the hair on a cat's nose I indulge in the thought That these same characteristics would occur Just below his narrow waist Starting at the navel in a thin Downward line of black hair Like the great continental divide East from West and Right from Left And I would smooth out the symmetry With the tips of my fingers Gently stroking the hairs into place Like the calm caressing of my cat Once he settles into my lap A young Che Guevara With a young beard Who carries the only dark eyes Which have absorbed me from any first encounter Now shows me the awkwardness of an attraction being avoided Here with each week that passes I realize how much I fill all my cups of hope in vain Tantalized by just the thought of A potential How in my conceit I improvise a vessel for my affections Flirting with the prospect as well as the neglect Of a too-busy no-fault situation Whose fate teaches me where it does and does not matter And how who never really mattered … so long … So long as we are accepting and responsive Who turn to vulnerability As the true conduit to love So long as our glance is effortless And emanates an invitation to the inside So long as the scent from a shoulder blade Is a breath of affirmation … so long … ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Beltane Fires (3/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Bowed 12-String Guitar, Percussion on harp body Sharon Gannon - Long Horn Harp, Slide Whistle through echo-pled
Bayonne, NJ 07:45
Bayonne, NJ (4/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12-String Guitar Chris Cochrane - Two Guitar Tracks
It's Not About Them It's About Us (1/86) Sue Ann Harkey - Tenor Guitar, Words and Vocals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's Not About Them, It's About Us It's not about them, it's about us I'm the one touching And the one being touched What comfort comes from A common enemy Its been the easy way out for too long I have no pride I have no shame I have no guilt Not hiding behind blame It's not about them, it's about us We are them and they are us My thoughts have been forming as words Silently on my lips Details turn into generalities Righteousness stays nice and clean Polished by blame Hope is replaced by disappointment Disappointment into acceptance nations of the dissatisfied Rage scares me because of its effectiveness The potential harm with or without intent By resorting to their own methods To achieve our objectives of peace We enslave ourselves to the rifle forever In defense we forsake our cause Fascism is in every 'ISM' Every person in every nation Pessimism is in optimism Truth is found in sarcasm Hypocrisy is not unrecognizable But it goes unrecognized Subjectively objectified Simple in its complexity The end of violence It stops at the beginning Before it gets started We become like them otherwise Get them to lay down their guns It's not up to us to pick them up Fascism is in every 'ISM' Every person in every nation Pessimism is in optimism Truth is found in sarcasm It's not about them, it's about us We are them and they are us Jan. 1986 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Acoustic Improvisation (12/86) Sue Ann Harkey - Tenor Guitar Robert Hinrix - Acoustic 6-String Guitar
The Voice That Beautifies The Land (3/87) Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12-String Guitar, Vocals (word's are from the Navajo Night Chant)


Stand Looking Around You

Produced by Sue Ann Harkey
1988 - C90 - Cityzen For-Non Linear Futures - NYC - Anti - ©
These works were recorded on a Tascam 244 four-track cassette machine at Task-Scam Studios, NYC.

I need to apologize for my blaring insensitivity about the original production of this album as I re-release it. I apologize for the misappropriation of Native American and First Nation art works and chants. I'm embarrassed to say looking back that those influential activities in my life at the time came out the wrong way. I hope you will accept my apologies.


released June 5, 1987


all rights reserved



Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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