Romance of Entropy

by Audio Letter

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1981 Live and studio recordings from Olympia, Seattle and San Francisco.

Audio Letter Members:
Sue Ann Harkey - Prepared 12 string guitar
Sharon Gannon - Vocals
Jeff McGrath - Drums, Trumpet
Bob Jenkins - Gutar
James Husted - Bass, Synthesizer
Deran Ludd - Vocals
Helena Rogers - Guitar
Rick Hazle - Guitar
Greg Power - Trombone
Danny Eskenazi - Sax

See individual track info for lyrics, members and instrumentation details.


released May 5, 1982

From the original cassette booklet

Audio Letter was formed in the summer of 1980 with the intention of being an improvisational band. These tapes to us are like Polaroids to a photographer. They are one of a kind. Our product (a song) is actually the process of the product. We expose to the audience the CHANGE/CHANCE/CHOICE elements of the process of the product. The form of the form. What makes the form form. We banish dualistic measures from our methods which IS/IS, spontaneous co-operation in the construction of sound structure. Striving for complete conscious comprehension of the moment. Experiencing non-linear biological realities; autonomously.

Sue Ann Harkey 1981


Intuition contains reason by its vary de-sign. Time is moving into space. The sphere becomes a cube…Then What?….what calls for thinking? Reveal strip expose rotate revolution revolve. I feel a need 'here' to 'give' some kind of 'statement' which may give pour listeners a stronger connection or alignment with the material exposed ion this Audio Letter: Romance of Entropy. A 'hint' a 'whistler' a 'sign' a 'something' that would speak of the working process of Audio Letter. Its employment of improvisation. And so, as being the verbal spokesperson in the group of voices which is our band, I will speak in more 'words'…. Alchemy is the work concerned with uniting. To unite, the alchemist must know the separate elements to be combined. Dissection logic and reason are integral processes of the work. But What makes the form form? The 'prima Material' is the original substance, the transformative 'agent' the formless one. Align with this and all expressions of forms are possible in the doing. It lis the 'job' of the 'artist' to unite and this requires the precision of response-ability….knowing….knowing the prima Material….the livingness 'behind the illusion' of solid forms.

Audio Letter works in layers much like photographic developing. Each separate voice has an autonomy of its 'own' and when moved together will BE Simultaneity. We do to give a dis-play or a representation or description of transformation. But actual transformation is what is occurring. Improvisation calls for a high level of response-ability between voices as well as within each separate voice. What you experience with Audio Letter is this process at work…the opus……

Sharon Gannon 1981




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Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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Track Name: In The Bathroom
In The Bathroom

The weak shall inherent the earth….let them have it, they need it
We didn't have much money…so we spent a lot of time
I spent a lot of time in my room
I didn't have my owe room…I had to use the bathroom
My mother had lots of lipstick
many colors…lots of lipstick
I don't want to wear the lipstick
I don't want to wear the lipstick
The weak shall inherit the earth….let them have it they need it

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: Raga Civic
Raga Civic

T.V. commercials create phobias to sell products
Mass mentalities suppress criticism free from social constraints
Insisting obedience based on conditioning
Sustaining the existing social structures
Making reaction amiable to traditional values

Art is an obsession to form an alternative reality
A world surrounded by an induced operating logic
Rationality derives from response-ability

Artist incorporate society
Attitudes towards the socioeconomic systems vary
Depending on the amount of contribution
In Support of the functioning politics
out of necessity
for survival

Sue Ann Harkey
Track Name: Matter

You know I love you like a fish
It's weatherproof…don't get me wrong
I am not seeking as I am….
Fortunately I am dust
In gratitude….a pillow
Perhaps a tuna
We are in this thing together
We are fishes in a sweat-er
anklets are so tiring
Rendezvous perspiring
no one here gets out alive
Life and death are much the same
Life is quicker…Life is quicker
Matter is Sound Slowed Down
So that the Eye Can See it

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: They can read but they can not write
They Can read But They Cannot Write

Freedum is a psycho-kinetic skill
How is your response?
How is your response-ability?
They can read but they cannot write
We see the everlastingness in every-thing that's passing
They can read but they cannot write
Christ was divine simply because he add-mitted the fact

Sharon Gannon


We Are The Gods

We are the gods…we are the image makers
The maker of the form is the form
We live in a culture where people have forgotten she they are
Forgotten that they are the gods
There's dualistic separation based on time/tempo/degree
How much? How much?
The determining factor here is 'how much'
How white is some-thing? How black is some-thing?
How male is something?…How female is some-thing?
If some-thing contains enough some-thing then it is called some-thing
How much?
There is also the be-lief that the maker of the form
Is different or other than the form
We are the gods
The maker of the form is never
Different from the form
We are the gods…we are the image makers

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: I want to kiss - Angles-Angeles this is the world
Angles/Angels This Is The World

Meet me on a bridge
The disparity between the sacred & profane
Oh Oh my angel
angle angel angle angel
Meet me on a bridge
The disparity between the sacred & profane
This is the world
This is the whorl
round & round & round & rounds we go
down & down & down & down we go
This is the world
This is the whorl
rotate revolution revolve
rotate revolution revolve
Atmosphere: around a sphere
Meet me on a bridge

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: Already read
Already Read ('A' in read displays upside down)

Anonymous untraceable already read
You can read but you cannot write
He can read but he cannot write
She can read but she cannot write
Did you read did you ever write
Did she read did she ever write
Did he read did he ever write
Tears tears Pairs
You can read but you cannot write
He can read but he cannot write
She can read but she cannot write
Every-body sits and listens
Every-body sits and looks
Bodies are weighted
They watch the clock

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: Saint Augustine
St. Augustine

In the city of St. Augustine I met you
Why hand't we met before
We'd been here all along
Along the neon lighted air waves
Out side my window is a tree
There are only four leaves and it
in the midst of the city
In side the city it's a growing thing
Orange & Red beams can you see them
Orange & Red beams can you see them
A thousand people out side my window
See them be them
Oh Oh my angel be them
Oh Oh my angel see them
Out side my window a thousand people
See them be them
Orange & Red beams Orange and Red beams
See them…………………..

Sharon Gannon
Track Name: No longer have to explain why - I am waiting
No Longer Have To Explain Why

No longer have to explain why
We are annihilation
We are precious
We are caught in secret
We are precious
No longer have to explain why
Ecstatic pupils dripping tears
Ecstatic wounds…they lust for years
Ecstatic pupils dripping tears
Ecstatic wounds….they lust for years

I've Been Only Waiting

I've been waiting I've been only waiting
On this corner day after day
On this corner I pass the night away
The intersection through my heart
X marks the spot
The crucifixion daily
The crucifixion every single night
Extend your eyes through TV
Amputate the talk with me
I've been waiting I've been only waiting

Just where does the truth lie?
The truth lies in all signs
All signs are lies
All signs are representations,
Are manifestations of the
Illusions of solidarity.
All signs lie a-part
From the truth
All signs lie a-part
Of the truth

Sharon Gannon