I tell you everything, just not out loud.

by .Sue Ann Harkey.

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Thanks to noise-arch.net for scans of cassette booklet.


released May 5, 1985



all rights reserved


Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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Track Name: Kinetic Harmony (original)

Kinetic Harmony

Exploring conversations composed of light
With sight we see the presence of empathy
Through our eyes we sink - the pupils calibrate
Telepathic phases - expressing the experience in sharing of another bing

The profoundness of the statement
Came at me from and arch

I tell you everything - just not out loud

We hear our breath in music and words
We fell our sincerity where we meet as one
We smell the taste of response with participation
We see our beings converge - our eyes conceive of our love

You and I do exist before we meet
You and I are existing since we met
Conditional conditions contrive
Our evolution into the revolution of the revolution
Evolution - revolution

You ask:
What do you want from me?
I want kinetic harmony - mutuality

I can't let it pass so easily

Sue Ann Harkey
January 1984

Track Name: We Speculate On Our Urgency

We Speculate On Our Urgency

To organize - is to scrutinize
We are incestuously fanatical
In our urgency

We the opposition are mutated and fragmented
Like the delayed wake from the Polaris Sub
Gliding as calmly through the Forth of Clyde
As we are viewing them from the windows of our caravans

We can call them black death
Spray paint the villages

But they are allowed - as we are allowed
To both illustrate our fears, out faith
Through Greenham Common and Faslane

Yet the fences does not divide us from those inside
And the sex does not depict offense from defense

Because they know - that we know
ONly as active pacifists
Can we achieve peace
for them, for us

To organize is to separate
We speculate - on our urgency

Sue Ann Harkey
July 1984

Track Name: Intent


The tendency of intent
Another dray spent
Another moon arisen
Another poem given
Another letter written
Another day driven away
by night
despite the flight
of all intent
even good intent
learning I'm
learning time
lent another day
that got away
slipped through the fingers
while still fitted in a fist
with a flick of the wrist
Then the closing of the eyes
all dreams
All schemes
slip away

Robert Hinrix
Track Name: Time is not three things, but one

Time Is Not Three Things; But One

In the present is the future and the past
To present a pre-sent precent
"Yet the future is forever in the future
And the present is always present,
And the past is forever in the past"
History is already happening
Time is not three things but one
People can not see evolution
Because they're caught up in the motion
There's more room in motion
Never forever - Never foreverness
1 + 1 + 1 is 1

Sue Ann Harkey
December 1983

Track Name: Cause and Effect

Cause And Effect

We are a civilization focused on
The effects and not the cause
This is itself is a duality
It is a temporary society - so busy
With a short attention span

We can only deal with singular issues
It's not meant for us to comprehend
The connection between Animal Liberation
And Ethiopia's starvation

The Emphasis is on expertise
To do one thing - To be one thing
And so to the artist we are considered political people
And to the political people we are considered artists
And this implies that we are not either role - to either (i-ther) - but aether

A disposable society - wasting in an abundance
With mass turn-over - but no recycling
Production for production sake - profit
Disregarding the consequences of its Buy-Products
Since they think that they will not be personally
Affected or responsible - But they know someone will be

There are definitions - to each is owned
In many cases they are defined by others - then reified
One's own experiences do describe
Our perceptive are those of another
For discoveries by our own means
Is the conjunction forever recognizable

And the troops in South Africa and Chile
Are rounding up all the men - just like them
The line drawn from both sides
Is the gift of authority to be exercised
The duality which separates:
Right from wrong
Give and take
Rich and poor
White form black
Victim and victimizer
Carries on inn its tradition

These are the attributes of a cause
Not in retrospect of its effects

Sue Ann Harkey
November 1984