Definitely Pre​-​Cataclysmic In Nature

by Kitchen Table Ensemble | Audio Letter

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Recorded at various sessions in Seattle.
Produced by Sue Ann Harkey
Released on Cityzens For Non-Linear Futures 1982

tracks 1 - 5 by Kitchen Table Ensemble
tracks 6 - 9 by Audio Letter


released May 5, 1982



all rights reserved


Sue Ann Harkey Seattle, Washington

Seattle - New York - London | free improvisation | prepared guitar | folktronica | weird american | indie | alternative | singer | songs | instrumentals | underground | DIY

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Track Name: Short Timed

short timed

' and what light are these' that fall event to reach the Horizon? ' and what is the order of those trucks ' and their loads of corpses? ' there was evidence found in all the bodies of massive doses of Surrender and Hope ' the Radiation uses well the word ' the Party ' the Chairman ' the Activist ' Theorist ' the smile of Ideals ' soon to become Assassins ' the cushiony ' piled ' carpeting ' the warm waxed linoleum ' the Libraries of History ' the raging ' and gibbering ' of the Intellectuals ' and card-carrying Members ' the scene is every ' possible ' system ' face ' of Barbarism ' it is the ' Atrophy of Surrender ' and the entire ' Sound we hear ' every-where ' is the electronic-circuits ' reproducing this Authority ' this Linear Human Place ' Passivity ' Modernity ' Passive Modernity ' Modern Passivity ' On the March to the tune of Absolute Concentration Camp ' in the Shadow Shopping Mall ' or TV Mobile Homes ' there is the Stench ' the Penetrating ' commanding ' Odour of Hegemenous Pornography of Capital Production ' Xtreme ' now that Communication is Commerce ' what is the word? ' Communicate the end-less bargain basement ' Children burned ' to Depressed slick Obedience ' the threat ' the Promise ' the Phallus ' of Power ' the Treat ' the Power '

-- From A Maggots Chant, 8/81, by Deran Ug'Ly

Track Name: For The Society Of The Spectical
For the society of the spectacle

I have defined by contact the mighty ulcer
Environmental stimulation forging into the gelatin like
Tissue which is the grey matter the brain ways
Ways of acquiring identities
A mass of filnsd meahsured and mendfht nouns
The continuous production of images
The continuous production of images
Inspiration received issued into the waiting
jumpy river of synapsis charges
the underlying current is slow
the underlying current is steady
Fed by the spring. Nostalgia, for a pre-conceived.
Pre-letus of a cultural utopia
Cultural Utopia
Feb by the flash of neon advertisements
Fed by the other people with their other things
Inspired by the desire for identity
Inspired by the desire for identity
To make ones self a-part
A class-less society will have no need for art
A class-less society will have no need for sex
For the constant defining of/by separation
Civil-lie-sation is separation, dis-ease
Sex is dis-ease, separation
Art is the re-telling of IS
Art is re-construction
When all know IS--why make it?
Art * Society * Sex will be outdated 'ideas'
For now for now
For the Society of the Spectacle
Defined images are use-full
Let us get in order
Let us make some order
Just us Justice Just us
Who finances you?
Images Images Images
The maker of the Form ids the Form
Images Images Images

Sharon Gannon September 1982